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Unread postby Bob » Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:15 pm

The COFSTA forum provides an online point of contact and communication for the planning and reporting of motorcycle rides and events by its participants, and the sharing of motorcycling knowledge.

COFSTA is not a motorcycle "club" as there are no membership requirements or fees, although the terms "member" and "participant" may be used interchangeably within this forum. Riders who participate in rides that are planned using this forum do so voluntarily and at their own risk, with no expectation of safety guaranteed by the original ride poster, the forum admin, or any others participating in the ride. All riders understand they should "ride their own ride".

The Carolina Old Farts Sport Touring Association is open to anyone in the Carolinas that loves to ride motorcycles. It was started by some retired guys who rode mostly during the weekdays (but weekends are great also!).

"Sport Touring", for the purposes of this forum group, means riding SAFELY at a moderate pace on roads that are heavy on scenery and interesting to ride. The emphasis is on having FUN riding safely, while enjoying the camaraderie---not competitive riding--and recognizing that everyone has their own riding syle and comfort zone. So, "ride your own ride" and don't worry if you're always bringing up the rear. Its ALL good. Above all, ENJOY YOURSELF!

Participants are encouraged to obtain a bike-to-bike (B2B) communication setup, if not already doing it. This is in the interest of safety and convenience....once you try it, you'll be hooked (unless you just prefer complete silence when riding)! Being able to communicate in group riding has many advantages. Current participants are using Sena Bluetooth setups. Help and advice is available to anyone not sure how to set up a B2B system.

As with most online forums, this is not a democracy---personal attacks <duel> , excessive potty-mouth <stfu> , ethnic or sexual themes <tits> are not welcome here.
Probably best to steer clear of politics <soap> and religion <udaman> too!

But nothing wrong with some good-natured ribbing. :mrgreen:

All that being said......lets have some fun and RIDE!
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