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Unread postby Bob » Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:21 pm

Uploading Pics in Ride Reports: Pics for uploading directly to forum need to be less than 1MB in size, in fact 500K or smaller seems to cause fewer issues when uploading. If you can't compress pics smaller than 1MB, email them to me and I can do it and send right back.

Adding pics is easy. When creating a post, look at the bottom of text screen for box that says "Filename" and clik the "Browse" button. It should go straight to a folder on your hard drive; then clik the top drop-down box and scroll up to "Desktop" assuming thats where your pics are. Find a pic, select it, and clik "Add The File" to upload. After it uploads, do same to another pic. Once you have some uploaded, scroll up some and look for the "Place Inline" button--pressing it will place the pic wherever the cursor is currently in the text. Then you can type some text above it if you want--hit the "Preview" button to see what it all will look like. Make changes if necessary. Hit Submit to finish.

Avatar pics have to be 90x90 pixels in size or smaller. I can help with this if you need.

Uploading route files is also enabled
; just upload your gdb/gpx/kml/kmz file to a post as if it were a pic file and it will appear as a link for downloading.

"Watching" the Forums
Want to be notified by e-mail every time there's a new post in the forums? Here's an easy way to know without having to go there and check around every 5 minutes. (Like you'd do that). "Subscribe" to the forums. Simply log in to the main forum, then clik on each individual forum and look the the right--you'll see "Subscribe Forum"--clik there and it changes to read "Unsubscribe Forum"; then open the next forum and do the same until you're through (there are 9 forums).

NOW--assuming your email address is correct in your profile--you will get an email notification every time a new posting is made to a watched forum.
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