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COFSTA Photo Gallery

Unread postPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:23 pm
by Bob
Clik here for gallery-->>

We now have a photo gallery site in conjunction with the forums. It is for all members to use (if they want). Here are some instructions:

1) There are 5 main albums across the top of the home page--"Bikes", "People", "Places", "Events", and "Misc. Piccies". I have loaded a few pics into each one to show the structure of the galleries. Clik an album to open it and then clik the pics inside it. Add pics if you want.

*Update: feel free to add a new *album for ride pics if you have lots of pics, too many to put in a single ride report. (Not intended to replace pics in ride reports.
2) You can browse all the albums without being logged in. Single clik any pic to expand it, and single clik on the pic to close it.

3) The pics at the bottom of the home page show the most recent uploaded pics.

4) There is a link back to the COFSTA forums in the menu bar.

5) If you want to upload any pics or add comments to other pics, you must be registered & logged in.

6) To register, clik the register button in the gallery and fill in the blanks. I'll get you set up.

6) To upload pics, they must be smaller than 2MB and preferably around 300K-500K. Please try to resize them to at least be under 1MB if at all possible. Then simply clik "Upload File", then clik "Select Album" for the file, then clik in the "Browse" box which opens a window to your computer, and direct it to the files on your computer you wish to upload. Highlight all the files you want and clik "Save" and your files will be uploaded. NOTE: STAY ON THAT PAGE until all have uploaded. If any fail to upload, simply make a note of them and reload them after the current batch is finished. Larger files have a higher failure rate to upload (and take much longer).

7) After they upload, you can add a title or description if you wish (not required). Clicking the "Continue" button takes you to that step. You can also add titles later with the EDIT function.

8) The name of the uploading member is shown at the bottom of each pic. You will be able to edit or delete any pics which are uploaded "by you".

Some members are "browsers" and won't be uploading any pics. Nothing wrong with that. This is simply a place for COFSTA members to view pics relating to our pastime. But uploading IS encouraged and it is MUCH easier/faster than uploading to ride reports! <claps>

Anything related to motorcycling is fair game for uploading---or just COFSTA-member-related is good too! Please try to load to the album that best fits the type of pic. Maybe "Bikes I have Owned" would be good way to get started....

Please advise of any issues, or if you need help resizing pics.